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Baillie Troskot

Owner of The Green Queen B

Baillie Troskot

I learn and grow from each decision and continuously strive to be a small business doing good with every decision made – whether it’s from the packaging selected to the brands/products selected to bring into the shop.

Meet November’s Fort Worth Woman! Baillie Troskot is the owner, creator, and intentionality behind The Green Queen B. Having grown up here in Burleson, Baillie attended Texas A&M University, moved herself to Calgary, Alberta with her Canadian husband Kyle, and then moved herself back home to Fort Worth. Both she and Kyle have now lived in Fort Worth for four years with their two fur children Jag and Bentley, two Maine Coon cats, who are described as being “1,000% spoiled rotten”.

Baillie is the kind of person who works to make a difference no matter where she is. As the VP of Food & Nutrition Services at Focused Post Acute Care Partners, a long-term skilled nursing facility, she takes pride in creating healthy meals for the residents she is able to care for. Her dad originally founded the company in 2017, starting off with serving only eleven communities. They have now grown to serve thirty one communities, with Baillie in charge of overseeing the Food & Nutrition Services Team. Baillie describes her job in more detail, “I work with the teams to write menus for our residents to meet their nutritional needs while also ensuring that their preferences are incorporated in. Having three different regions really makes it challenging, but also fun because we can introduce new foods to residents who may not have heard or had the opportunity to try them. My goal is to always make dining enjoyable for every resident through the food we serve and atmosphere we create”.

During the pandemic, her original gardening/plant obsession turned blog idea rapidly expanded and quickly became Baillie’s second job. As she kept looking for goods that were thoughtfully curated, she found it hard to find one single place to shop that had a fully sustainable focus and this is what motivated her to take her blog to a new level – a purposeful shop full of only high quality goods from brands with ethical, fair trade, and sustainable practices.  She states, “one and only one blog post later, I decided to create an eco-friendly store and haven’t looked back.” She set her intentions, ordered product for her shop, and opened up a space in The Market at Ridglea. After only one year of business, Baillie exclaims “The Green Queen B has evolved to include more than just eco-friendly/zero waste options. As I was discovering new products/brands, I really saw an opportunity to serve as a bridge for customers who wouldn’t have ever thought about exploring zero waste. Including brands/products that give back to social causes and support fair trade practices allowed me to bring in new customers and potentially introduce them to more eco-friendly products.” She has truly found a niche in combining her heart, her mission, and Earth-minded goods.

The name of her shop is also intentional. Bailee explains, “The Green Queen B’s mantra is BEE Good + Kind meaning: be good to the Earth (eco-friendly) and kind to others (social causes/fair trade). You can shop this mantra throughout the store. All of our products fall within these two main categories with many falling in to both.” Towels, picture frames, cleaning products, blankets, puzzles created by artists, Swedish dish cloths, cotton market bags, beeswax wrap, and even clothing are only a few of the beautiful products you can find at The Green Queen B. Baillie has a genuine interest in honoring the artisans of each of these products as you shop. When you purchase a product from her shop, you will know who made it, where it came from, and the purpose behind it making your purchase more powerful.

Baillie has set up her shop to reach customers via the products she sells down to even the packaging. She states, “As a business owner, it was really important to me that I strive to limit my waste, minimize my footprint and give back. All of the packaging we use is either recyclable, made from post consumer recyclables, compostable, or reused.”

Giving back is not just in the heart of The Green Queen B, but it is also the mission. The Green Queen B is proud to state that they donate 1% towards saving the bees and a tree is planted for every purchase made. Baillie continues, “I also wanted our customers to be able to join our mission of saving the bees, so each purchase includes a seed tag that can be planted in the ground at home for wildflowers to grow”. Every part of your purchase with this shop has intention behind it.

Given the immediate success of her store in it’s first year, the future of Baillie’s shop is bright. Baillie describes, “Next year we are expanding the mission to include our socially good causes. Many great things are coming and I’m working hard behind the scenes on it. More details are coming soon but I see my business expanding (adding new products such as clothing for women + littles) and I am starting a podcast to introduce customers to the brands, their stories, and other topics related to conscious consumerism. I’m sure I’ll have more ideas pop in my head!”.

Having grown up and now being a business owner in Fort Worth, Baillie loves that our city really supports the local small business owners. Our city may be large, but it encourages entrepreneurship – especially when the goal is to make a difference in our city. Baillie added, “My husband and I also love the local coffee shops. We love going to relax with our cup of coffee almost every weekend. A local coffee shop in college was actually where we had our first date so they have a special place in our hearts.”

When asked what word describes her impact as a businesswoman on our city many words were applicable but what immediately came to mind was ‘conscious’. Baillie explains, “I make every effort to look at the big picture of the impact that not only the brands are making, but also the business – locally, socially, and environmentally. I learn and grow from each decision and continuously strive to be a small business doing good with every decision made – whether it’s from the packaging selected to the brands/products selected to bring into the shop.” Baillie, in a short period of time, has mastered the idea of placing words in to action. She has found a way to make a business out of celebrating the intentionality of others and staying true to her beliefs in the process. The Green Queen B is a business of true art and a sharing of the heart.

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Michelle Miles

Michelle Miles


Michelle, aka @fortworthwoman, is a teacher turned counselor turned mommy turned entrepreneur.

Michelle has a passion for connecting, encouraging and informing about the good happening in our city. The good people, events, food, stores, entrepreneurs, and good deeds are her focus. She has created a niche for herself by using social media as a native marketing tool that has created meaningful exposure for local businesses in Fort Worth to a wide but very particular local audience.

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