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When Sarah Hopp feels she’s being called to do something, she believes in stepping up to the plate.

The longtime Tarrant County resident and Texas Woman’s University alum was visiting church with her brother’s family when she heard a presentation about CASA of Tarrant County, an organization that provides community volunteers to serve as court-appointed advocates for kids in foster care.”

Immediately moved by what she heard, Sarah sought out the CASA representative after the service and asked to learn more. A short time later, she was sitting in one of CASA’s volunteer information sessions. “I was already sold on the mission, though,” Sarah recalled. “So much so that I completed and submitted my application before I even attended the session!”

On why she became a CASA:

“I have always loved being around kids. I became an aunt at a very young age, and I also taught Sunday school and Vacation Bible School growing up. So being around children is something that comes naturally to me.”

“Children are our future and I believe they should be taken care of and nurtured. But that’s not the only reason I felt called to serve CASA. My mom was physically and sexually abused by both her biological father and her stepfather for many years, so I know how the long-term effects of abuse play out as a person gets older. In Mom’s day, there were fewer resources than are available today, and the topic was so taboo. It still is in many ways. But the fact is that abuse happens, and we have to bring it to light and take action.”

On what gives her inspiration:

“My mom is my hero in so many ways, and seeing what she went through (and still struggles with) is a big part of why I decided to become a CASA. I do not want to see another person believe they are worthless, that no one cares, or they cannot have goodness in their life because of what a perpetrator did to them.”

“Another inspiration for me is this quote by the great statesman Frederick Douglass: ‘It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men.’ I think that it hits the nail on the head when it comes to child abuse and the importance of CASA’s work. If we can start the healing process sooner, right at the root and time it happens, I believe people will be better equipped to navigate through life while also coping with the trauma they endured at a young age.”

On what she sees as the benefit of her CASA service:

“Compassion. I thought I knew and had demonstrated compassion throughout my life, but I have a new understanding as a CASA advocate. Some of the parents I have met truly love their children, but they’ve made mistakes. Some treat their children the way they were raised and do not know any better. What I’ve realized on a greater level is that we should take the time to be thoughtful and decent human beings to each other. Let’s educate our community and show compassion to everyone we deal with daily, because I believe this will make the world a better place.”

On how to connect and find out more about CASA:

“The best thing to do is visit and sign up for a volunteer information session. I am also available to chat with ANYONE who wants to learn about being an advocate. I post quite a bit about CASA on my personal Facebook and Instagram accounts: @thehoppster.”

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CASA of Tarrant County

101 Summit Ave suite 505, Fort Worth, TX 76102, USA

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101 Summit Ave suite 505, Fort Worth, TX 76102, USA

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