Sheran Keyton

Sheran Keyton, Director of COT Production and Civic Impact for Fort Worth Opera, Artistic Director for DVA Productions, Director/Producer, and Entertainer has announced season 1 of her YouTube show, That’s Life with Sheran Keyton. The show offers Sheran and guest’s outlooks and opinions on life, love, and everything in between!

That’s Life with Sheran Keyton began as a creative outlet to share thought-provoking topics with friends and family members during a time when electronics were all most of us had to connect to the outside world. Initially created to be a vlog, plans continued to shift as the world fluctuated between various stages of “open” and “closed”. Also, thinking of ways that she could express herself in TRUE SHERAN FASHION caused her to think and rethink how to continue to share her one-of-a-kind brand of humor, compassion, love, and laughter with all…then this show was born.

Enjoy the 2022 evolution of That’s Life with Sheran Keyton!


Fort Worth Woman

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