Sara Egan

Sara Egan, a seasoned oncology nurse and Fort Worth local, has embarked on a remarkable journey, shaping the future of hospice care with her recent venture, Journey Hospice. Egan’s impressive background in oncology nursing, deeply rooted in Fort Worth, set the foundation for her profound commitment to patient care. However, it was her passion for creating meaningful connections with patients that led her to fall in love with hospice care.

At the core of her approach is a desire to spend quality time with patients, far beyond the constraints of a hospital or clinic setting. Egan’s transition to hospice care allowed her to realize this aspiration, enabling her to provide personalized care in the comforting embrace of patients’ homes, amidst their families, pets, and cherished memories. Her experiences have not only been about imparting medical knowledge but also about learning invaluable lessons about life, dignity, and fulfillment from those in her care.

Journey Hospice, nestled in the heart of Fort Worth, stands as a testament to Egan’s vision of changing the narrative around hospice care from one of sadness to empowerment and comfort. Through her work, she brings a new dimension to end-of-life care, focusing on quality of life and happiness in familiar surroundings. Her approach extends beyond traditional medical support, as she utilizes Fort Worth’s community resources to bring additional comfort and aid during challenging times.

Egan’s dedication to educating the community about the benefits of hospice care is revolutionary. She aims to build a business that resonates with the values of the Fort Worth community, ensuring that loved ones receive care that is akin to family, marked by love and respect. Her commitment is not just to her patients, but to the community at large, as she crafts a service that the city can take pride in.

Journey Hospice is more than a healthcare provider; it’s a sanctuary of peace, dignity, and warmth, embracing the true spirit of Fort Worth’s caring community.

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