Mary McPherson

Mary McPherson grew up in the US but decided in 2008 that she wanted to spend 2 years living in Mexico. Now, 13 years later, she is still in Mexico and has grown her own family of three children with her loving husband. Mary was exposed to the Spanish language at a young age but it didn’t become her passion until she was in high school. Later, as an Elementary Education graduate, she also had the opportunity to specialize in Spanish and travel to several Spanish speaking countries where her passion for the Spanish language continued to flourish.

In Mexico, she has been teaching for 13 years, 10 of which were in a private school setting with the past 3 years dedicated to homeschooling her own bilingual children. This homeschooling time with her children paired with the new virtual environment of a pandemic has allowed her to bring her teaching talent and share her passion (virtually) with Fort Worth!

Mary has recently joined with Erika Sanchez of La Puerta Spanish Center. She is currently teaching a virtual Spanish for Beginners class on Tuesday afternoons for elementary school students and will be continuing to add more days/times/classes soon.

To learn more about Mary’s classes, please click here:

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