Kristin Lockwood

Kristin was awarded the Hometown Hero award from the Northeast Tarrant Chamber of Commerce!

Kristin Lockwood began as an intern with Alliance For Children three years ago, and showed so much skill so quickly that she was hired on full time within just a few months, something that has never been done before. Kristin is passionate about the cases she works and sets the standard for efficient case coordination. Partners, specifically law enforcement and CPI, always sing Kristin’s praises.  They are always saying how helpful and professional she is. Kristin devotes herself to her partners, cases, co-workers, and the children and families of Tarrant County, and always strives for excellence which ultimately leads to better investigations and better outcomes for child abuse victims. Kristin’s job is not easy, and the circumstances behind trauma, as we know, are ever changing. Congratulations!

Fort Worth Woman

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