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Nancy Linstrom

‘Transitional Care Parent’ with Gladney Center for Adoption

The statement made to us most often is, ‘I could never do what you do because I would get too attached’. My answer to them is, you could not do what I do if you didn’t get attached.

Meet November’s Fort Worth Woman!

Nancy Linstrom is a local mom who shares her time, home, and heart with babies looking for their forever homes. Nancy originally moved to Fort Worth right out of college in 1986 to work for General Dynamics, has been married to her husband, Mike, for 30 years this February and has three adult daughters who are located across the South.

From early on in their marriage, Nancy and her husband knew they wanted a larger family but quickly realized that the plans laid out for them were different than originally thought. Overall, Nancy was pregnant eight different times and had three beautiful daughters, four miscarriages, and one stillborn son. This heartache and loss she and her husband experienced instilled a deep desire to volunteer and serve local Fort Worth children in need of a loving home.

In 2007, at a TCU tailgate, Nancy ran into a couple she had met briefly before who were attending with a newborn baby. Come to find out this couple volunteered their home and time with the Gladney Center for Adoption and after Nancy asked countless questions, for close to an hour, she knew she had to play a part as well.

Within days of meeting the couple at the tailgate, Nancy started the paperwork to volunteer to become a ‘Transitional Care Parent’ with Gladney. In July of 2008 after pages of paperwork, hours of training, interviews, home studies, fingerprinting, and background checking she and her husband were licensed and received their first baby. Their job was to create a loving, safe, and secure home for this baby until all paperwork and court documents were completed to move the little one to their forever home. Nancy took on the sleepless nights, diaper changes, routine creation, and life change to make room for this newborn baby that would only stay with them for an important but temporary amount of time.

Now, fast forward ten years to present day. Both Nancy and her husband have brought home and loved on 86 babies/children. Nancy states, “Each child has a very special place in our hearts and we have cherished each moment with each child. Every child has been so special in their own way! Some of the children we have had for just 24 hours and some we have had for months. Some are completely healthy, and some are very, very ill. Some are typical, and some have special needs. “

Nancy’s job is certainly not always easy. For example, she has had many visits to the NICU for the babies she cares for. Upon arrival, she has been told that the baby is not doing well and is not eating by talented but incredibly busy doctors and nurses. When these situations occur, Nancy volunteers hours of her time as well as her arms to physically hold these babies, reminding them of how loved they are. She embodies the basics of attachment when she describes the change that takes place when these babies feel when someone is there to care for them. After a loving presence provides unconditional love, the babies immediately begin to respond, thrive, and improve. Nancy explains, “The statement made to us most often is, ‘I could never do what you do because I would get too attached’. My answer to them is, you could not do what I do if you didn’t get attached. Yes, it is difficult to get up multiple times during the night, cranky babies are difficult, staying in the hospital night and day with sick babies for days and days is very hard, so if you don’t love them, you wouldn’t dedicate 24/7 to them.” She continually demonstrates safety and unconditional love for those in our community who need it the most.

What Nancy loves about our city of Fort Worth are the amenities of a big city while still retaining the small-town charm. She states, “you can go to the rodeo and enjoy the arts all in the same day, just a few miles apart.” She also feels like Fort Worth has rounded out their festivals and celebrations so that every season has a special tradition.

When asked to choose one word that described her impact as a businesswoman on this city, Nancy chose the fitting word of “Mom”. Nancy is a tried and true mother. She has the incredible ability to open up her heart to babies and children she has never met or known before and unconditionally loves them from the start. She has volunteered her time, love, and space in her home to allow 86 local babies/children to feel safety. Many people say that you can exchange the word “Mom” for “Superhero” and this woman is absolutely no exception.

Nancy, we are inspired by who you are. Thank you for being the perfect feature to celebrate National Adoption Month! Gladney Transitional Care Families volunteer their love, cuddles, home, and family for children who need a place to feel safe before they find their forever home. If interested in becoming involved, please click the link in her bio.

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