Fort Worth women are making headlines daily as business owners, entrepreneurs, top management officers, and political leaders. So, here at Fort Worth Woman, we are selecting one of our city’s shining stars each month. These are the movers and shakers you need to know, and we are proud to honor their accomplishments as our WOMEN OF THE MONTH.

Megan McDonald

President and Buyer of Into The West

I knew we needed to be back in Fort Worth and after continuous searching, I found the building on N. Main St. and just would not give it up. It was a complete disaster; an early 1900’s building with no floors, and no electrical. It is something that will live on in the McDonald Family forever.

Meet May’s Woman of the Month, Megan McDonald!

In celebration of Cinco de Mayo, May’s Woman of the Month is a personality worth toasting to! Megan McDonald is a Fort Worth native and TCU graduate who spent so much time visiting Mexico as a child that it began to feel like her second home. In full transparency, Megan adores the country almost as much as her husband Jordan. “I have an abnormal passion for Mexico and Mexican people,” Megan says, “their craftsmanship and love for life amaze me and are contagious.” Her preference for the country goes beyond the glamorous beach views, as her favorite moments are anywhere that involve the perfect combination of “street tacos and a cold Tecate Light.”

Jordan and Megan are childhood sweethearts who have been together since they were twelve years old. Although they do not yet have any children, they do have a beloved beagle named Bleu. To match her bubbly personality, Megan also loves to dance. After working a full day at Into The West, her family’s rustic furniture store in Fort Worth, she teaches dance at Doubletake Dance Studio and judges/choreographs all over DFW. When she’s not working, you can find her two-stepping in The Stockyards and loving all things Cowtown!

Megan’s family owns and operates Into The West, a furniture store in both Fort Worth and Keller that specializes in unique hand-crafted furniture. They have been in the furniture business for over 25 years and pride themselves on personal relationships, customer service, and premium quality designs. They offer a variety of custom pieces, free interior design services and delivery and shipping available anywhere in US. Into The West really is the one-stop-shop for that Fort Worth style you’re looking for. Growing up, “I always worked at the store throughout high school and college,” Megan said, “After college I did not think I would be working for the family business, but it just kind of fell into place.”

Originally Into the West was located on 7th Street mega, but after their lease ended, the family worked out of their one store in Keller for a while. “I knew we needed to be back in Fort Worth and after continuous searching, I found the building on N. Main St. and just would not give it up,” Megan said “It was a complete disaster; an early 1900’s building with no floors, and no electrical.” (Fun fact: the downstairs was originally a bank and upstairs was a brothel.) We took on the huge project of restoring the historical building.” With the Trinity River Vision Project underway, the McDonald Family is hopeful the movement and traffic will continue to head in their direction. Megan is so proud to be the reason her family both bought and maintained the historical integrity of this 20th Century building. “It is something that will live on in the McDonald Family forever,” she says.

Odds are Megan has been in your car with you. She has been recording the radio commercial for Into The West with 99.5 The Ranch for many years. Her sweet voice, kind tone, and excitement for this city make it almost impossible to not get the Into the West jingle stuck in your head! When asked what this Fort Worthian loves about her hometown, she couldn’t think of just one thing. From the people and country feel, to the Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo and our beloved Horned Frogs, Megan loves the combination of the history and culture of Fort Worth. “I love that it is a city, but still feels country. Seeing police on horses and the cattle drive in The Stockyards is everything,” Megan says. She sees the ‘southern comfort’ in the people here as well. “You never know who you’re meeting. Everyone knows someone who knows someone, but the people are humble.” Megan says, “We have some of the finest and wealthiest around, but they are just people and they all value relationships.” The way this woman loves our town is perfect down-to-Earth and developed out of true love. Megan’s word to describe her impact is tenacious. She describes her tenacity in making relationships with everyone she comes across. Megan likes to make a difference, be impactful, and is always striving to show kindness. Whether she is interacting with someone experiencing homelessness or is talking with the the woman helping to furnish her ranch, Megan prides herself on being personable and focuses on establishing a real connection and this is what makes her successful with her customers. “I always find something that we have in common, some way to connect.” As both the President and Buyer for Into The West, Megan’s customers are the first priority and if the store does not have exactly what they are in search of, she will find it. If she then cannot find what they are looking for, she will have it made. Megan’s tenacious spirit is what sets her apart and is what makes Into The West the successful business that it is. Megan, the culture and Hispanic flair that you love so much shines through your personality, design choices, and overall zest for life! Thank you for loving our city so much and for the kindness that you spread daily. If you want to see some of Megan’s amazing designs and finds, be sure to visit their Fort Worth or Keller location, website, and follow them on social media!

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