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Jennifer Lovelace

Attorney & Co-Owner of Lovelace Law P.C.

I have traveled to hospital bedsides and rearranged my calendar to help clients with urgent issues. I like to think I can help make foreign issues understandable and I do that with compassion so that my clients always sense just how important they are to me.

Meet March’s Fort Worth Woman! Jennifer Lovelace is an attorney and co-owner of Lovelace Law P.C. alongside her husband Cade. Initially from Lake Jackson about 15 minutes from the coast in Brazoria County, Jennifer graduated with her Bachelor’s in Healthcare Administration later followed by an MBA.

Despite the incredible credentials, Jennifer found herself in a spot that many graduates face daily: what now? She was still not sure what she wanted to be when she ‘grew up’ but took a job for several years in Human Resources for a large hospital system in Lubbock, Texas. Her boss and mentor there was an attorney who was Board Certified in Labor and Employment Law. “She saw the lawyer in me way before I ever did and suggested that I should think about law school,” Jennifer states. After playing with the idea, her new journey began.

Because she was already living in Lubbock, Jennifer applied to the Law School at Texas Tech and was accepted only one week later. Her path had definitely became more apparent and was moving along at a rapid pace. Still to this day, Jennifer’s mentor is a wonderful friend and she states that she is “forever grateful to her for encouraging me as that decision has changed my life in so many wonderful ways.”

One of the life changing moments happened the last semester of Law School. During this time, Jennifer began to date (her now husband) Cade. “By the time we started dating, both of us had already been hired at firms- me in Houston and him in Fort Worth. We dated long distance for almost two years. I applied to a (bigger and better) firm here and when I got hired, I came to Fort Worth,” she states. After arriving in Cowtown in 2007, Jennifer practiced in many different areas of law before landing in Estate Planning and Probate Law. She now spends her days expertly drafting Wills, Trusts, Powers of Attorney, and Directives to Physicians for those planning ahead as well as decoding the next best steps for those in the moment dealing with the death of a loved one as they distribute his/her property.

When looking at where she’s been to where she is now, Jennifer mentions her love and genuine intention of assisting others. “I really like what I am currently doing because it gives me an opportunity to help people: either they walk out the door with estate planning documents and a sense of relief or I help them navigate what is often one of the hardest times of their life where they find themselves in a situation with which they are not familiar,” she states.

Speaking from experience, when you sit with Jennifer, there is an immediate feeling of comfortability. For the time she is with you, you know as the client you are her focus and that she has your best interest at heart. She is definitely the kind of lawyer that uses her knowledge for the good of others. “I have traveled to hospital bedsides and rearranged my calendar to help clients with urgent issues. I like to think I can help make foreign issues understandable and I do that with compassion so that my clients always sense just how important they are to me,” she states.

Jennifer and her husband Cade are both extremely involved in the local community and decided to open Lovelace Law, P.C. in their own neighborhood. Cade had initially left the ‘big firm life’ shortly after graduation and then a few years later, after the birth of their daughter, Jennifer joined him on a part time basis and in 2018 they made the firm their own. At their practice, they have four other attorneys that work with the firm to handle a wide variety of civil matters including Probate, Estate Planning, Family Law, Civil Litigation, Business Formation and Real Estate. These two are a true partnership looking to not only make hard legal situations easier but to simultaneously involve a sense of community as well.

From volunteering in their neighborhood, the Near Southside, the Fort Worth Stockshow and Rodeo, FWISD, and beyond, this couple has found their balance. With two sweet girls in a FWISD public school, Jennifer loves having a professional career that allows her to still pick her girls up from school to spend time with them as well as a spouse who is “very supportive of me and my career and is willing to be flexible when needed.” Somehow this couple does it all and you can expect to see their name much more often in the coming months as Jennifer’s husband, Cade, is currently running for the FWISD School Board and his incredible wife “couldn’t be prouder than to support him as he makes a difference in the lives of Fort Worths’ kids”.

When asked what Jennifer loves about our city, she went straight to Ryan Place Neighborhood. “I believe that I live in the best neighborhood in the best city in the world. Whether it is a pandemic, an unprecedented winter storm, or just a Tuesday, I love how Fort Worthians come together.” She then describes the unique culture of Fort Worth from all angles involving the Stockshow, Joe T’s, the Zoo, the world class arts, and last but not least the Near Southside. “I love the fun and funky vibe, during normal times The Open Street and Parking days on Magnolia Avenue, and the awesome people” she states. This is why the location of their firm is so intentional. This couple is committed to grow their business, home and family in their favorite part of town.

Jennifer’s commitment is easily wrapped in to one word: dedicated. She is, without a doubt, dedicated to her job, her clients, and her community. She is one of those people who not only talks about making a difference, but lives her difference. She simply but powerfully states, “I want to make things better, and hope to.”

To get to know, contact, or ask Jennifer further questions about how she can assist you in Estate or Probate Planning, visit, e-mail, or call 817-658-0801.

Michelle Miles

Michelle Miles


Michelle, aka @fortworthwoman, is a teacher turned counselor turned mommy turned entrepreneur.

Michelle has a passion for connecting, encouraging and informing about the good happening in our city. The good people, events, food, stores, entrepreneurs, and good deeds are her focus. She has created a niche for herself by using social media as a native marketing tool that has created meaningful exposure for local businesses in Fort Worth to a wide but very particular local audience.

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