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Fort Worth’s oldest gourmet grocery store is being re-opened with the same feel but a different design. “We really want the great food, the wine, and the grocery inventory to do the talking – and let the building, and the interior renovation support that effort,” says Lou Lambert and Christopher Reale. With the new Roy Pop Grocery, the “white coat” of the kitchen will officially be out of the restaurant and in your pantry. You’ll have full access to the Chef prepping food in the kitchen to the point where you can not only see her favorite recipes/secrets, but you can select the exact same ingredients on an aisle in Roy Pope to try your best at it at home. From grocery items, to select wine, to artisan cheese, to meat market items, to pre-made gourmet foods, to a 500 gallon offset smoker, this team is prepping to take the Fort Worth food scene by storm. By adding both indoor and outdoor seating, Lou, Christopher, and Culinary Directory Bria Downey are planning to make this restaurant a gathering spot for the neighborhood. Check their social media for official opening day news!

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