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Alex Dobin (left) and Jessica Jennings (right) are two former educators turned stay-at-home-moms turned balloonatics! Amidst the pandemic, this dynamic duo created POP Fort Worth Balloon Co. to bring even more custom happiness to a celebration. Balloon garlands are their specialty and their creativity is endless.

If you’re into the enneagram, Jessica is a 6w5. She’s the logistical, problem solving, “what could go wrong and how many different scenarios could come up?” half of the partnership, and Alex is a 2w3 with major 7 tendencies. She brings the big dreams and schemes, pretty ideas and care-free attitude. It’s truly an ideal balance between these two.

With backgrounds in education, seeing joy in children’s’ faces is something they both love dearly so spreading happiness with POP! has been a dream come true!

But balloons aren’t just for the young! Who doesn’t need a bit of color to make every celebration a little more whimsical?

You can currently follow the creations of these two on social media. They are POP Fort Worth Balloon Co. on Facebook and @popfortworth on Instagram. They are already booking through the end of this year so make sure you tell them about your celebration quickly so they can create a custom garland just for you!

Jessica Jennings

Business Woman

Jessica Jennings

Jessica Jennings

Business Woman

Alex Dobin

Fort Worth Woman

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