Hao Tran

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Co-owner of Hao & Dixya and The Table Market & Culinary Studio

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(682) 703-1092


Tran grew up in the Vietnamese community in South Arlington. As the daughter of immigrants, her early years were spent in her parents’ home kitchen, learning Southern Vietnamese cooking from her mother and the spicier, pork-heavy Western Hue-style from her father. She spent her summers at her aunt’s French-Vietnamese restaurant in Montreal and developed a repertoire of classic and colonial dishes. Between teaching high-school chemistry, Hao manages to host pop-up events, collaborative dinners, & cooking classes. You can follow her food adventures at Lost in the Sauce (@haoislostinthesauce) & Hao and Dixya.

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Hao & Dixya
120 St. Louis Ave Suite 103B,
Fort Worth Texas 76104

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