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We are a husband and wife team who create family films that help you remember the littlest moments that are easy to forget as time passes on. Every single moment of your day with your children is important. The story of your life together is rooted at home, in the beauty of the everyday. The goal of this business is to not only show you how special it is when you are making your kids breakfast in the morning but also help you to remember the way that they laugh, the evolution of their smile, the bounce of the curls that used to be at the ends of their hair. My passion for photography began early on and when I met my husband Chris, who has a knack for creating video projects, we blended our two talents together which turned in to a passion for shooting both photography and video at the same time. We come to your home and help you slow down – even for just one day – so that you can hear their tiny voices and see their sweet faces and revisit this time for years to come. Our films take the combination of our skills (photography and video) to allow us to safe keep your moments so that they’ll never be forgotten.

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B Family Films
5108 Zelma St. Haltom City, Tx 76117
Fort Worth Woman

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