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Michelle Marlow has created a children’s book series of Hard-to-Pronounce Letters. Beginning the series with “S is the Most Delicious Sound” just following grad school, Michelle later published the book to begin the series 25 years later. The goal of this series is to help children gain confidence while speaking. Since publishing in 2017 the following books in the series have been created: “S is the Most Delicious Sound”, “L is for Lemonade”, “R is the Roughest Sound”, “Ch is the most Challenging Sound” and “SH is for Shiner”. While the first five books have been themed to help with articulation, the most recent book (co-authored with her sister-in-law Cynthia Marlow), “I Can With Van” focuses on stuttering and uses a humming as a technique to get “un-stuck” from a word.

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