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In Spanish, “la puerta” means “the door” and that is exactly what we seek to be. Our goal is to be the door which kids walk through to experience a new language and culture. We teach group Spanish classes on location in the Fort Worth area and have a thriving online program as well. We use games, songs, and activities in the context of engaging stories to teach the language in a fun way, so it actually sticks! In addition to our Spanish for Beginners classes, we offer conversation classes for kids who are in a two-way dual language program and are looking for more opportunities to practice their Spanish. We are excited about the growth we’ve experienced since our inception in 2018, and can’t wait for the opportunity to work with more kiddos this year. It’s a joy and an honor to expose these young minds to a new language and we’d love to have you join us. After all, the world is knocking; open the door!

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