Meghan is a Certified Special Events Professional (CSEP) with 18 years of event management experience. After moving to Fort Worth from the Austin area, she founded Moxxie Concepts Event Management & Consulting in 2016. Looking back, she recognizes that her passion for the “event space” naturally grew from two things – a foundational love of people and a desire to “make a difference.”

Meghan’s career path began during her first large event exposure while studying at Texas State University. For three years, she worked with, and then led New Student Weekend, which involved maneuvering 4,500+ students simultaneously throughout campus, then culminated with the Opening Ceremony Welcome Program headlighting the University President, Deans, Cheerleaders and more, in Strahan Arena.

Post college, Meghan’s professional journey organically evolved from spending a year in Africa, to Omni Hotels, to Events Manager at two separate non-profits, then to large Admissions events at St. Edwards University. From that point on, Meghan set out to redefine the “status quo” of how things are done in the corporate and non-profit event market, combining her Communications degree with the best practices taken from each piece of her career experience.

To-date, Moxxie Concepts has partnered with over 32 different organizations for their events and has been voted “Best of Fort Worth Event Planner” four years running (2020 through 2023). Meghan acknowledges this accolade with pride, while also recognizing it’s the culmination of many years of heart and hard work. She’s often heard reminding herself and others that “It takes a village!” Meghan credits the success of her business, in large part, to intentionally networking and surrounding herself with other vibrant, forward-thinking leaders, while also leaning into the support from her family and friends. After being diagnosed with ADHD and ASD at the age of 34, Meghan now has an even deeper understanding of herself and her role, as it pertains to leading Moxxie Concepts. As well as a greater appreciation of partnering with clients to incorporate the needs of today’s diverse population into every event gathering.

Business Info:

Moxxie Concepts Event Management & Consulting

Ensemble Coworking, 1617 Park Place Avenue, Fort Worth, TX 76110, USA

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Ensemble Coworking, 1617 Park Place Avenue, Fort Worth, TX 76110, USA

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Consulting, Events & Venues

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(817) 900-6440


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