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For as long as she can remember, Travel has always been an integral part of Kaleigh Kirkpatrick’s life. The desire to see the world and experience it first hand is something that is ingrained in her, and these firsthand experiences are something she loves to share with her clients. From her first solo international flight at age twelve, to her first trip alone with her three-year-old daughter to traveling in groups of more than twenty, Kaleigh has experienced traveling of all shapes, sizes and to countless destinations. A “type-A” personality at heart, Kaleigh was always the family planner of all events, leaving little to chance, and their travel was no exception.

After becoming a mom Kaleigh did not slow down her travels but the destinations changed. Kaleigh’s travel focus switched to resorts and destinations that had the amenities necessary for her family to be comfortable, to reconnect, and most importantly to have fun and make lasting memories.

This is where The Shameless Tourist evolved— from the love of travel with her family. From learning about other cultures, to skiing to Disney Parks, to just enjoying time on the beach; she truly feels like travel shapes who we are and shapes who our children become.

Because of her passion, she tries to make sure that all of her clients have a vacation experience that is about making priceless memories. As an affiliate of Avenue Two Travel, she has reached the very highest level of experience and expertise in the industry in both travel planning to destinations around the world and in all Disney Destinations. With a growing team of Advisors and Travel Coordinators, the Shameless Tourist is always able to assist and provide a level of service that is unparalleled.

The Shameless Tourist is an affiliate of Avenue Two Travel, a Virtuoso Member Agency and select partner with nearly every major hotel chain and tour operator in the world. Because of this affiliation, we are able to offer our clients countless amenities and VIP status when traveling to their destinations!

The Shameless Tourist is also adding to its line of services an on-site concierge for Walt Disney World that will meet and greet guests at arrival and be an optional add on to assist clients in real time during their stay with questions, modifying or adding FastPasses and Dining, and more. This will be a pilot program debuting at Walt Disney World this spring and if successful, will be rolled out to Disneyland in the future.

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The Shameless Tourist

6050 Southwest Blvd suite 201, Fort Worth, TX 76109, USA

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6050 Southwest Blvd suite 201, Fort Worth, TX 76109, USA

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Tourism & Travel

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(817) 929-0446


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