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Ashley Paz has always been a part of business ventures that reflect her moral values which include personal and social responsibility, environmental stewardship, and cultural awareness. She originally launched her career in local event planning and brand management but has now been elected to the Fort Worth ISD Board of Education. Ashley believes that it is our responsibility to leave something great to pass on to the next generations. She ran for the school board as soon as she became concerned about what kind of educational opportunities were being created for the children in our city as her own daughters Vera (9) and Vivian (6) are attending FWISD schools. Her mission is deeply personal.

She has grown through the ranks of this organization over the years, escalating into their leadership structure. Leading this organization has enabled her to sharpen her own skills while also giving her the opportunity to bring back millions of dollars’ worth of resources to our FWISD every year. Ashley loves that Fort Worth “boasts a rich and diverse culture, as well as people who are willing to put in the work to continue the trend. From Historic Stop Six to Near Southside and The Stockyards in the Northside, our city has a rich history and people working to preserve it.” She also boasts about the active philanthropic community working to give back to numerous social causes in our city.

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