A Fine Shine Indeed.

2020 has it’s own crazy complications so as soon as it even seemed socially acceptable to decorate for Christmas as soon as Halloween was over, I jumped on the bandwagon. Roger from A Fine Shine had helped us in the past, at our old house, with both window cleaning and Christmas light hanging so I knew he was just who I needed to call.

You see, Since 1992 Roger Sutton has built a team that is truly exceptional. He is reliable, kind, and has over 20 years of experience with proven customer satisfaction. Plus let’s add in that his crew is absolutely awesome.

Roger and his team outline our roof, wrapped our columns, and hung all of the garlands for me on our old house.

When they hang Christmas lights you don’t get a tangle of cords, you get a system that makes sense for where you will actually get up to turn it on. They are absolute professionals. Plus, they have collections of their own lights that they can help you place on your house.

That steep roof that terrifies you to think about climbing up to? They got it.

The lit garland that your husband will literally throw a fit over if you nag him about it one more time? They can hang that too.

You want to tie in light up wreaths? That’s their jam.

Are you not celebrating Christmas but could use some joy? They have blue lights as well!

Their team completed the whole project in less than two hours and everything was perfectly organized. They only used two of our porch outlet plugs.

But. Let me be real. Roger and his team are a fan favorite around here so there is a very high likelihood that he is already full for this holiday season (See, I’m not the only Christmas nut who is decorating super early this year!) BUT I do highly recommend you give him a call for an estimate on your home so his team can get you on the docket for next year! His team can also be available for your window cleaning, gutter cleaning, light fixture cleaning, pressure washing, carpet cleaning, and house cleaning needs throughout the year!

A Fine Shine’s window cleaning and Christmas light estimates are free over the phone!

To contact Roger regarding the needs for your home, fill out your contact information at afineshine.com.

I took this off of their website but this is next on our list at our new house. Gutters.

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