Sarah Hooton & Emily McLaughlin

 Sarah Hooton and Emily McLaughlin


Sarah and Matt of Hot Box Biscuit Club recent placed First in the Mac Attack competition, winning First Place for their delicious macaroni & cheese recipe. Mac Attack Charity allows the winners to present a portion of their winnings to support a local charity and at the most recent Hot Box Biscuit Pop-Up, Sarah presented Emily McLaughlin, of Boobie-Que with a check of almost $3,000. Boobie-Que was started by Emily after she won her battle with Breast Cancer and is an event in the Fall, (full of Beer, BBQ, and boobs) benefitting Cancer Care Services, a local non-profit organization supporting cancer patients for the past 70 years directly in Fort Worth. Ladies, we appreciate both of your hearts and the effort you make to positively impact our city! 



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