Rachel Armenta, Sara Schuster, & Kayt Grieshaber

Rachel Armenta, Sara Schuster, and Kayt Grieshaber


While restaurants were closed during quarantine, a couple Fort Worth moms (Rachel Armenta, Sara Schuster, and Kayt Grieshaber) started a disinfecting/germ killing company, Viratech!

This Fort Worth women-owned electrostatic disinfectant spray company works to keep local families safe from pathogens. They have been hired by multiple Fort Worth restaurants as well as the PGA Tour at Colonial Country Club and are hoping to expand toward residential services.

Viratech comes to your home using an organic solution that is 99% water based. Their nontoxic, environmentally friendly chemistry is formulated with CL02. This water-based solution contains organic activators and is both bio-friendly and eco-friendly. When this unique chemistry is combined with their electrostatic sprayer technology, they can insure that 99.999% of viruses, bacteria, and the germs will be eliminated! There’s zero mess and even better, zero germs leftover once they leave.

To disinfect & protect you home, visit www.viratechusa.com or call 1-800-705-6265.


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