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Meg Minter

Owner & Artistic Director of Studio of MoveMINT

Studio of MoveMINT opened its doors August 2017 and grew from 50 students to over 350 in just one single year. It’s a testaMINT to our customer service, our amazing dance faculty, the content we are teaching, and the space.

Meet January’s Fort Worth Woman!

Meg Minter is a mother, mover, and coffee lover with two beautiful children who are stuck like glue to her side. “They are my two shadows that follow me everywhere,” she says, “a seven-year-old sassy Stella and her wild man brother- Major who just turned three.” Her husband, Kyle, bleeds University of Texas burnt orange and works in commercial real estate. The two together own Fort Worth’s newest dance and fitness studio, Studio of MoveMINT, which caters to every person- from youth to adult.

Movement is in Meg’s blood. From dancing to competing, she has been immersed in the industry since the age of two. After graduating from the University of Texas with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Performance and Choreography, Meg developed a reputation as a thriving dance mentor, teacher, and choreographer in both Dallas and Austin. Meg states, “I found myself content in the studio environment- running the front desk and teaching classes as well as working alongside artistic directors to run and manage competitive dance companies. I produced large shows annually – managing 200+ kiddos to raise monies for extracurricular programs for high school kids.” After marrying her college sweetheart and giving birth to her little girl, Meg’s husband decided to pursue his masters degree. When he received a full-ride scholarship opportunity from TCU, they could do all but refuse to migrate their little family to Fort Worth. In 2013, the Minters arrived uncertain about jobs, friends, and the future. Cowtown welcomed them with open arms.

As they transitioned to a new city, Meg worked for an advertising agency in Fort Worth. She loved her position, but after the birth of her second child as well as a search for a dance studio for her daughter, she saw a need that she knew her talents could fill. Meg states that she realized “Fort Worth was an untapped market for a contemporary dance space offering a beautiful facility with high-quality instructors with actual dance degrees. I wanted to offer creative, fun, current, fresh instruction and deliver classic education in an innovative way.”

With her family’s full support, Studio of MoveMINT was born. All the pieces started to come together and before they knew it, the Minter family had a dance studio. “The biggest risk was opening space when no one knew who I was- remember- I had never taught a single class in the Fort. Would the town support fresh and new innovation when it is grounded in tradition with surrounding studios that have been established for decades? I prayed a lot- for signs, guts, answers, conviction, hustle, ideas, and above all- courage. From there we hustled.” says Meg.

The dream came together by the hands and hearts of the people closest to her, “We laid the floors. We painted walls. We installed the electrical. We built the front desk,” Meg says passionately as her eyes well up with amazement. Studio of MoveMINT opened its doors August 2017 and grew from 50 students to over 350 in just one single year. “It’s a testaMINT to our customer service, our amazing dance faculty, the content we are teaching, and the space.”

What Meg loves about Fort Worth is the people: the way they back small business, embrace creativity, safe harbor the classic, and hold fast to tradition. She has also come to love the immense respect Fort Worth has for the arts. “That is the fabric of Fort Worth,” Meg says, “The Fort embraces the community.”

As a business woman, Meg impacts the Fort Worth dance world by bringing a contemporary space that provides classical information in a fun creative way to all ages. There’s a French dance term, Relevé, that means “to rise or spring onto the toes”. This is a word that describes Meg’s impact in perfect detail. She has taken our local dance scene and risen the bar, bringing it to its toes and spring boarding from there. From adult classes to birthday parties (50+ this past year alone) to fitness classes, Meg has made a point to bring full-service dance instruction to the whole family and continues to thrive.

Meg, thank you for the heart, energy, laughter, and creativity you have brought to our city! Your studio is growing movers and shakers and we adore every movement that come out of your space! Visit to view all that Studio of MoveMINT has to offer and to sign up for classes. To contact Meg at the studio about classes, privates, events etc, e-mail

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