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Kate Team

Owner of Team Residential Management

I put a property on the market the day before I gave birth. I then leased that property by the end of the month. Having a child is a full-time job and sometimes your professional life and personal life collide and you know, that’s okay.

Meet December’s Fort Worth Woman!

Kate Team is a Fort Worth native who has witnessed the growth and change of our city since her childhood. Her father even continues to live in the same zip code (76109) and home that she grew up in as a kid. She attended Trinity Valley School from Kinder to 8th grade before she moved over to Paschal High School. From there she attended Texas Tech University where she graduated a semester early with a business degree in Marketing. As many ‘old millennials’ know, this placed her graduation right in the middle of the recession in 2008, making her job search intensely competitive.

Kate ended up taking her first job working with her Stepmom at a real estate company. This is where she gained experience in both property sales and management. After soaking in as much knowledge as she could and taking time to find where her career passions lie, she created her own company, Team Residential Management, focusing 100% on the side of property management side of the business. Kate states, “I witnessed agents who would put property management on the back burner in order to make a more lucrative sale. My passion has always been in the property management industry, therefore I felt like it was my job to create a business where a property owner’s asset would be looked after with the utmost care.”

Outside of impeccable customer service, Kate loves the fact that owning her own business allows her to set her own hours. You can find her meeting with clients for showings throughout both the week as well as weekends. Establishing her own schedule created opportunities for flexibility which she needed because Kate is also a young, new mom doing her best at both jobs: motherhood and entrepreneurship. Her ten-month old daughter, Margaret, has been able to have her mom available when needed as well as witness her flying towards her dreams all at the same time. Kate has championed both the task of owning her own business as well as motherhood as you can often find her working at her computer, using her hands-free pump that has allowed her to exclusively breast feed her daughter for the past ten months-a true (and challenging) victory in the realm of motherhood.

When she first became a mother, Kate struggled in finding the balance between being both a mom and business owner. “When you own your own business, you don’t get maternity leave. Margaret was born during flu season; it was my responsibility to keep her well, especially the first six weeks before she had her shots. I also put a property on the market the day before I gave birth. I then leased the property by the end of the month. Having a child is a full-time job and sometimes your professional life and personal life collide and you know, that’s okay.”

Team Management has a goal of taking the fear out of property management by providing a service full of quality care, genuine professionalism, and efficient results. Kate often has all of her properties rented out at once and/or in record time. Within five minutes of meeting Kate in person, you know you are in good hands and that she will care for you and your asset as if it were her own.

What Kate loves about Fort Worth is that in some way, everyone knows everyone-the epitome of big city, small town. “And I love how we have come together as a community and supported our local businesses. Let it be local real estate companies, shops or restaurants, Fort Worth is really quite special.”

When choosing a word for her impact as a businesswoman on our city, Kate chose ‘loyal’. “This word is why I chose a dog as my company logo. I am 100% committed to my Owners/Clients and will put their needs above all others. In my past experience, I have seen the needs of property management be put second so I created a company that focuses solely on my clients. Property management is a specialty and not all real estate agents/companies are created equal. It is important for an owner to find the best person to watch out for their asset.” Kate has the qualities and values that make her easy to trust and her knowledge is top notch. “There are some agents that do property management on the side and are unable to keep up with the local and state code, therefore putting their home/asset at risk. I am an active member of the National Association of Residential Property Managers as well as the local chapter and will be the Vice Chair of the Leasing and Property Management Committee at the Greater Fort Worth Association of Realtors in 2019.”

To contact Kate about what she can do to help you manage one of your properties, e-mail, call 817-405-6604, or visit

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