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Hillary Cornell

Owner of Pure Barre Fort Worth

I love that the Pure Barre workout speaks for itself. It’s the fastest, most effective, low impact way to lift, tone & burn. It is a technique and takes a little bit of time to perfect, but we constantly say it doesn’t get easier, you just get stronger.

Meet January’s Woman of the Month, Hillary! As we work our way in to this new year, the gyms are filling quickly. If one of your goals is to find a way to gain strength, flexibility, and appreciation for your body in 2020, Hillary has you covered. This beautiful woman has a passion for helping other women feel good in their own bodies and celebrates each one who walks in to her Pure Barre studio. Born and raised in Fort Worth, Hillary graduated from the Oakridge School and later attended Texas Tech University where she was involved in Chi Omega. After college, Hillary went on to be a Flight Attendant for Southwest Airlines, eventually settling down as a stay at home mom with her husband, LD, by her side. Together the couple has three beautiful children. During this time Hillary was in the Junior League of Fort Worth and spent her time giving to others. Between chairing the League Booth at Christmas and Cowtown as well as becoming a side walker at Wings of Hope Equine Therapy, she placed her heart on her sleeve and made a difference for others on top of caring for her family. After the birth of her second child in early 2015, Hillary was introduced to Pure Barre when her best friend encouraged her to try a more fun way to get back in shape. As a postpartum mom, she quickly realized Pure Barre was the outlet she’d been searching for. Before she knew it, she had lost 50 pounds in just 10 months. In turn, she was officially hooked on the workout that changed her body in such an effective way, while making her stronger than ever. Hillary then became a Pure Barre instructor and in 2017 she was approached with the opportunity to buy the studio on West Seventh and own it for herself. She jumped at the chance. “I love that the Pure Barre workout speaks for itself. It’s the fastest, most effective, low impact way to lift, tone & burn,” Hillary says, “It is a technique and takes a little bit of time to perfect, but we constantly say it doesn’t get easier, you just get stronger.” New Year’s resolutions are often petered out by February, but Hillary says the reason she stuck with Pure Barre is its effectiveness, multiple class formats, cross training, and community. “And it’s fun,” she exclaims, “When the music starts and I’m able to turn the world off for 50 minutes, I am in my happy place.”

When asked about her own New Year’s Resolution, Hillary says that she wants more of the same greatness in 2020, “more clients to celebrate and more opportunities to give back!” You can tell that Hillary’s favorite part of the studio is the people because she puts so much effort into making women feel welcome. “The studio is an outlet for so many women in all seasons of life. We have clients prepping for a wedding, staying active through pregnancy, tucking through a study break, fitting in me-time between carpool pick up and drop offs etc,” she says, “We love getting to know everyone so that we can both support and celebrate them.”

What does Hillary love about Fort Worth? “Everything; the people, the food, bricked tree lined streets, downtown, the stockyards, the boutiques and big business. I love it all!” One way she gives back to her hometown is through Wings of Hope. This nonprofit organization provides equine assisted activities for children and adults with unique physical, mental and emotional challenges. Hillary volunteers as a side walker and loves the hope this organization provides. If you’d like to learn more about what Hillary does and how you can get involved, head to their website, here!

In one word, Hillary describes her impact as a local businesswoman as Strength. From the front door to the barre, Hillary believes every interaction is a chance to give confidence and strength to women. “In today’s world, both self-care and unplugging is more important than ever,” she says. It’s about your whole self, inside and out. Hillary, you are one of those people who is truly beautiful inside and out and Fort Worth is lucky to have you!

To find out more about Pure Barre and what it can do for you this year, check out their website:

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