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Anna Patterson

Partner at Patterson Law Group

I am a real life person – a mom; a wife; a friend – who recognizes that a life changing car wreck or other injury can happen to anyone – regardless of social status, race or age.

Meet August’s Fort Worth Woman!

Anna Patterson is the proud owner of Fort Worth personal injury law firm, Patterson Law Group, which she runs alongside her husband and father-in-law. Alongside her partners, she has built a law firm from the ground up that helps real people in their toughest times. The work that she and her colleagues perform every day at PLG is not easy but is truly rewarding. With Anna’s leadership, the firm has been recognized as one of the top places to work in Fort Worth and receives awards and accolades from across the state!

Originally from Oklahoma, Anna Patterson graduated from Texas Christian University with degrees in both Journalism and Political Science. She then went to law school because she had a desire to do more than just report on situations or challenges in our community – she wanted to do something about them. After a few career changes in different areas of law, Anna found her calling with Patterson Law Group.

Atypical of thoughts that arise when thinking about a law firm, Anna has created a true “family business” where her two young boys, Hayes and Jack, often visit and take naps in the nursery directly next to her office. Anna is a working entrepreneur mom with family at the heart of her drive as an attorney. She takes her mission very seriously because in her words, “the stakes are simply too high and our children’s lives are too precious.”

At Patterson Law Group, Anna and her team use their talent and education to help people navigate very challenging times in their life. The primary goal of her team at PLG is to get people’s lives back on track after a car wreck or other life-changing injury. Anna states, “I’m able to use my expertise to help them get back to their families and to the lives they had before tragedy struck.” When someone is injured due to someone else’s negligence or carelessness, Anna’s goal is twofold: first, to get the client the care and treatment they need so that they can return to life as usual and then second, to send a message that such negligence and carelessness will not be tolerated in our community.

Anna loves getting to know PLG’s clients and has a compassion that focuses on putting the law on the side of families instead of against them.

“I am not an ‘ambulance chaser’ and you won’t see me on TV, standing on a semi-truck, yelling at you to call an 800 number when you’re hurt. I am a real-life person – a mom; a wife; a friend – who recognizes that a life-changing car wreck or other injury can happen to anyone – regardless of social status, race or age.” Her authenticity continually shines through as she has been named Top Attorney from 2014-2018 by Fort Worth Texas Magazine and 360 West.

What Anna loves about our city is the authentic Fort Worth experience. “I love the margaritas at Taco Heads; the patio and green space for kids to run at Press Café; jogging along the Trinity River; and the proximity to Possum Kingdom Lake. I love dressing up like a cowgirl for the Fort Worth Stock Show & Rodeo; visiting the world-renowned museums that are just down the street from our house; taking our boys to the Main Street Arts Festival; and date nights at Nonna Tata, then listening to music at Scat Jazz Lounge. Most of all, I love the generosity and kindness of the people who live here.” There is truly not a more roundabout description of Fort Worth!

Anna’s word for her impact as a businesswoman on our city is ‘safety’. She strives to make our city of Fort Worth a safer place to live for families. “We hope that our accident map, updated on an annual basis to track intersection improvements and accident trends, helps the public to appreciate just how dangerous it is to drive in the Fort Worth area. The data serves as a reminder that accidents occur every single day all around us. Hopefully it will influence people to put down their phones once and for all while driving and be more aware on the road to prevent additional accidents and injuries.” Anna is especially proud of the firm’s annual scholarship that gives money to college students who help effectively get the word out about the horrific dangers of distracted driving.

Outside of her family, Anna’s pride is that Patterson Law Group’s biggest referral source is past, happy clients. “Everyone leaves feeling like family. Past clients are always coming by the office to drop off cinnamon rolls, see the dogs, see baby pictures, or just to catch up. It’s just an amazing bond that forms when you get somebody through one of the toughest times of his or her life. It’s a daily reminder how important our work is to people’s lives. It’s what keeps us going.” Anna, thank you for who you are and what you do to keep all of us safe in Fort Worth!

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