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108 South Fwy Ste. 130
Fort Worth, TX 76104


(817) 725-7711



The Ostreum opened its doors in June 2019 to weddings and special events. The second venue operated by Lynsie Blau, The Ostreum is the sister (not twin) to BRIK Venue in Fort Worth. The name Ostreum is the latin term for “oyster”. Chosen for the decadence associated with oysters and the idea that the beauty is held within an unassuming exterior, the name fits the venue. The speakeasy concept comes into play here as well. The venue itself was previously the warehouse portion of the O.B. Macaroni Factory established in the early 1900s. The original red cedar columns and rafters remain in the venue, as well as the exposed brick walls. The overall romantic, art deco style plays throughout the updated space.

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Lynsie Blau

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