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I grew up fairly athletic. I played soccer as a kid and then transitioned to a volleyball/basketball combination throughout Middle School and High School. As I got to college I eventually (hello initial freshman 15..eep) established my own workout routine. Since becoming a mom, I have had to get more creative with my workouts due to my body, time limits, and free time all changing.

I now feel like I have the perfect combination that fits my needs right now.

  1. Pure Barre Fort Worth: Pure Barre has been my ‘mommy alone time’ for over a year now. This workout is intended for women by women and truly shapes your body in only a few sessions. Each class you begin to feel stronger and see yourself improving.

The class moves through a series of working different body parts: warmup, arm burnout, thigh sprints, gluteal strengthening, and ab work all while incorporating cardio bursts. By the end you are a combination of exhausted and exhilarated.

While pregnant with my second born, I was skeptical of how long I could continue this workout. 36 weeks later I was still attending Pure Barre! I, and my awesome OB who even joined me for a class at 34 weeks, still contribute my healthy pregnancy and incredibly easy delivery to the strength that Pure Barre classes gave me.

Now I’m in the process of rebuilding. Pure Barre Fort Worth helps me fight the postpartum baby blues. Pure Barre helps me rebuild my abs that have separated (and has been known to cure diastasis recti!). Pure Barre is giving me 100 minutes a week (two classes worth) to myself. Pure Barre is bringing this mama back!

Pure Barre Fort Worth is off 7th street across from Righteous Food. Talk about a chance for a delicious breakfast after workout!

  1. Sanctuary Yoga Room: The name is more than fitting. As soon as you end SYR you truly feel as if you entered a sanctuary. The peace that is instilled in the building alone is contagious. There are multiple different classes available to fit your yoga level and feeling of the day.

You can attend a class for more of a stretching concept, for more muscle building, to work on you balance, or even purely to meditate. The facilitators are extremely knowledgeable and personalize each yoga class for each member attending. I have always left this place feeling relaxed and a renewed sense of peace which is much needed in our world today!

You can find Sanctuary Yoga Room off the new toll road (Edwards Ranch) on the other access road side of the new Neiman Marcus location.

  1. Fit4Mom Stroller Strides: My mom village. Stroller Strides is an adult workout where babies are more than allowed, but actually encouraged. Instructors lead you through a series of different workouts combined with songs/books to keep the kids engaged and enough walks in between to keep them from going crazy. The moms here are from all walks of life and are in all different stages. Their honesty, encouragement, and fellowship has been the greatest facilitator for my growth as a mom. I get my workout in, talk with some of the greatest moms I know, and realize that I am not alone. The ladies at this workout are invaluable.

Stroller Strides is held at the Trailhead near Press Café. This is an outside workout unless it is too cold/hot or a rainy day. On those days the workout is held at Wedgwood Baptist Church in their gym.

Fit4Mom Stroller Strides

Stroller Strides is typically held outside to keep the babies entertained.

The Sanctuary Yoga Room

The Sanctuary Yoga Room classes are held in the most beautiful building.

Pure Barre Fort Worth

When I was pregnant, my OB even came to a Pure Barre class with me!

The Sanctuary Yoga Room

The Sanctuary Yoga Room offers infused waters after every class.

Pure Barre Fort Worth

Pure Barre instructors use small adjustments to moves like this to work those hard to reach, smaller muscles.

Pure Barre Fort Worth

Pure Barre uses limited equipment as most of the moves are intended to use your own body weight as resistance.


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