Park + Eighth



Home Decor



1612 Park Place Ave
Fort Worth, TX 76110


(817) 708-2120


Step inside Park + Eighth and you are transported to a time of elegance and opulence. Filled with fabulous finds, unique treasures and lavish accessories, Park + Eighth encapsulates tasteful richness and funky flavors that span the decades.
Scattered throughout are statement pieces with history desiring a new place to call home and continue their story. The restored vintage pieces are high quality and often rare finds sourced from all over the country. At the turn of every corner, you see recaptured the beauty of things of the past. Don’t linger too long on an item you fall in love with, these one-of-a-kind pieces don’t last long at Park + Eighth.

Park and Eighth Storefront

Business Woman

Christina Phillips

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