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Me llama Melissa Page and she is the founder of Mi Casita Preschool, a new community-based, Spanish Immersion Preschool in Fort Worth. This native Fort Worthian is moving back home and is beyond excited to open a second location of Mi Casita (the first location being in Philly and having an over two year waitlist).

Starting with earning a Bachelors in Spanish in St. Louis, to getting an MBA at SMU, to working at Telemundo in Dallas, to a teaching fellowship in Philly while getting a Masters in Spanish Education, Melissa has had quite the windy path! Thankfully for our city, it has blown her back home and in the direction of a tailor-made, Spanish Immersion Preschool opening this June for summer camps (for confident walking toddlers through elementary age children) and in August for preschool (confident walking toddlers through age 6).

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Mi Casita Preschool

6002 Southwest Boulevard
Fort Worth, TX 76109

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