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Meg has been immersed in the dance industry in some capacity since she was a child. From training to competing and on to earning a BFA in dance with a teaching certification, movement has always been a huge influence in her life. After graduating from the University of Texas with a performance and choreography degree, she traveled throughout Texas setting choreography for drill teams, dance companies, soloists and teams with 50+ dancers. She developed a reputation as a thriving dance mentor and choreographer both in the Dallas and Austin competitive markets– helping to grow studio programs and create award-winning work.

Meg moved to New York to continue her training and dance education before deciding home was Austin. She moved back to marry her college sweetheart and give birth to their baby girl. While living and teaching in Austin, her family decided it was time for a change. Her husband craved a higher level of education and wanted to pursue his masters. With a full-ride scholarship opportunity from TCU, they couldn’t refuse to uproot and relocate to Fort Worth. Without secured jobs and knowing a soul, Cowtown welcomed them with open arms in 2013.

Taking a break from all things movement, Meg began working full time at an advertising agency where she managed all things administration and assisted with production needs. After having their second babe, Meg missed working with kids and most of all, creatively being challenged and stimulated by dance and all things movement.

“The possibility of opening a contemporary dance space was a huge aspiration of mine, but the biggest risk was not being plugged into the dance community in Fort Worth. Would the town support fresh and new innovation when it is grounded in tradition with surrounding studios that have been established for decades? I prayed a lot- for signs, guts, answers, conviction, hustle, ideas, and above all- courage. I was reaffirmed that I COULD and SHOULD do it and people would show up for me. That is the fabric of Fort Worth. The Fort embraces their community. From there we hustled. The dream came together by the hands and hearts of the people closest to me, and Studio of MoveMINT opened its doors fall 2017. We have grown 300% in one year and have extreme gratitude for this community. I’m here to teach your kiddos how to dance, yes. But dance goes much deeper than that. I believe MoveMINT is for everyone. MoveMINT has the power to heal and the power to inspire. Dance teaches passion, dedication, discipline, camaraderie, confidence, teamwork, balance, grace, and coordination and embraces individualism. It’s ageless and timeless. It communicates when words fail.”

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Studio of MoveMINT

5512 Bellaire Dr. S
Suite 140
Fort Worth, Texas 76109

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