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Owner of BRIK VENUE and The Ostreum

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Lynsie is someone who could talk ‘venue’ all day long. She had wanted to own and operate a venue for 10 years before the right time and place aligned. One of her first jobs out of college was an assistant wedding planner. Completely exhausted after an event one evening, as she was stressed and sweating and exhausted, she knew what she was ultimately going to do with her career. Wedding + Event Planning and Venue.

Here is what she will tell you – as much as she loves her job, it is a great deal of work. It is so much more than unlocking some doors and turning on the lights. We work hard to make every day perfect for our couples’ “big day”.

Since opening BRIK VENUE in 2016, Lynsie helps host about 120 wedding and corporate events a year. Opening BRIK initially helped her find her entrepreneurial spirit and since then she has opened another venue, The Ostreum in 2019, and has two other start-ups in the works.

“Every happy client, encouraging vendor, and shining review lets us all know that we are on the right track and motivates us to move forward. I love the variety that comes with working at a venue. Every day is different and every wedding is unique. The Wedding Industry in Fort Worth is composed of truly stellar, wonderful people and I couldn’t be more proud of what we are doing here. “

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501 South Calhoun Street Fort Worth, TX. 76104

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The Ostreum
108 South Fwy Ste. 130 Fort Worth, TX 76104
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