Joy Nowlin

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Kitchen Manager
Events Planner

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(817) 882-6405


Joy Nowlin, mother of three, was one of twelve students chosen to complete the most recent sixteen-week intensive training course with the Tarrant Area Food Bank Community Kitchen. In October, nationally known Chef Grady Spears joined the training with a focus on making his infamous Chicken Fried Steak. As his sous chef that day, Joy was was helping with the fryer and was hired on the spot to work in his restaurant. Joy is now the hardworking Kitchen Manager and Event Planner for Horseshoe Hill Cowboy Cafe, located in the Stockyards. She is a testament that a combination of determination and hard work will always pay off in the end!

Business Listing:

Horseshoe Hill Cowboy Cafe

204 W. Exchange Ave
Fort Worth, Texas 76164

Fort Worth Woman

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