I would like to humbly thank VoyageDallas for their feature in their Most Inspiring Stories in Fort Worth section covering Fort Worth Woman! This was truly an honor and a way for me to explain myself a bit more outside of purely social media.

VoyageDallas has a goal to help hard-working, inspiring people tell their stories authentically and in their own words which is precisely what I love about this article- it truly feels like me! They focus on the human story, because they feel that is what makes a business or brand special.  They truly grasped my love, ideas, and plans for the city of Fort Worth!

 Fort Worth Woman has allowed me an outlet to share the real-life ways that we experience our life and our city. My goal is to not always show perfection (because we are far from that) but demonstrate ways in which anyone can experience our community. Through FWW I have met some of the most outstanding people who have instantly become friends and my goal is to help our local businesses to thrive in support because of the shared belief in these hardworking women.

Thank you for this honor!