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House of Colour is a full service operation, including color analysis, style analysis, wardrobe consulting and personal styling!

In a color analysis appointment we will evaluate the undertones of your skin to find out the tones and hues of color that look best on you. This isn’t about limiting your colors or putting you in a box. You will discover the colors in clothing and makeup that make you look amazing. We take all the guesswork out of makeup for you, offering a full line of UK based makeup products that are sorted by season for you to shop! You will leave your appointment with a fan of all your colors in precision-dyed swatches, a booklet with valuable information regarding your specific colors and styling tips, and a newfound confidence in yourself! Combined with color analysis, style analysis is where we bring your whole wardrobe together!

Did you ever watch ‘What Not to Wear?’ on tv? I loved watching Stacy London give women a makeover, showing them how to dress their body and proportions. In style analysis not only do we address body structure and proportions, but at House of Colour we also take into account your personality to help you craft a style that fits your body, your spirit, and your life! Style analysis will help you understand how to dress your body and create a look that feels authentic and representative of who you are.

A wardrobe consultation is available after completing color or style (although it’s most effective once you have completed both)! I will help you sort through your closet to evaluate which clothes fit your season’s palette and your personal style, deciding what to keep and what to sell or donate! You’ll feel refreshed after we edit your wardrobe, and it will help you see what gaps you have in your closet to make future shopping intentional!

Personal shopping is available to clients once style & color analysis have been completed, and will be individually tailored to your specific needs. That could be filling a gap in your wardrobe, shopping for a special event or vacation, or just looking for a little refresh as you move into a new season or calendar year.

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