Heart Health in 2019- Go Red Day


Once the word got out, people were a little taken aback. Blood pressures rose as the headlines panned across on every news channel. Conversation heartswill be on shortage this year. The factory was shut down and couples everywhere will have to find another way to express their love. Even more shocking, after each 80 second news segment, 1 woman died of cardiovascular disease.


In a month of love and candy, the American Heart Association wants to remind you about the leading cause of death in women, heart disease. Interestingly enough, when you ask many women what the leading cause of death is among their own gender, breast cancer is a common answer. While this cancer is equally devastating, the Go Red campaign wants to educate women on the disease taking away 1 in 3 of their sisters, besties, mothers, daughters, and aunts.


Y’all this was so alarming to me at first. I was like, how did we not know about this and what can I do to help my girls? Luckily, there is good news. While the candy hearts are gone for good, 80 percent of heart disease can be prevented. Here are 3 simple ways to prevent heart related issues and make sure you can live to tell your kid’s kids about the days of conversation hearts.


Stay Active

The AHA says, “physical activity reduces women’s risk for heart disease and stroke”, so find ways to move! Whether it be walking, boxing, weights or dance, find something you love this month and work to stick with it. I’m a personal fan of Pure Barre Fort Worth and Fit4Mom Stroller Strides.

  • Being physically active is an important aspect of overall health for women.
  • In the United States, only one in five women are getting the recommended amount of physical activity; 150 minutes a week is recommended.


Eat Healthy

Are you still going strong on you healthy eating resolution? Well, here’s another reason to keep it up, or maybe start fresh. The AHA tells us that healthy eating is “critical to managing weight and preventing heart disease”. Our family loves how easy places like HGSply, Chipotle, Poke-Poke, and Terra make it to eat healthy as a family.

  • About 45 percent of U.S. deaths caused by heart disease are because of poor dietary habits like low intake of fruits and vegetables.
  • Less Salt– Too much sodium can raise blood pressure. High blood pressure raises the risk of heart attacks and stroke.
  • Less Sugar– Sugary drink consumption is directly linked to Type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease.


Talk to your doctor

Start the conversation with your physician and educate yourself on your specific situation. The AHA suggests starting with your family history.

  • Is heart disease or stroke in your family? If so, your risk may be higher.
  • Did your father have a stroke?
  • Did your mother have a heart attack?
  • Did any of your grandparents have heart disease?

These are all questions your doctor may ask as they are good indicators of the prevention and care you need to take action on. And if it turns out heart disease and stroke have popped up in your family, don’t panic, Dr. Kraus of the AHA says, “this patient should encourage better eating habits, physical activity and eliminating smoking.” Talk to your friends, gal pals and mom group about ways you can work on it together.


There is power in numbers…especially when they are women. February 1st is Wear Red Day. Get your boss babes together and wear red in support of one another and educate the women in your life.


Pour a glass of red wine and pass around the red velvet cupcakes because we are celebrating Go Red 2019. Here’s to a new year of supporting women inside and out!


Lauren Losack

Lauren is a Strategic Communication Major at TCU with a minor in being a “busy bee”. As an intern for the Fort Worth Woman, Lauren enjoys meeting new people and trying all the food this city has to offer!


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