This Friday is National Wear Red Day in support of women’s heart health. Did you know heart disease kills nearly one woman every 80 seconds?

EIGHTY seconds. I can’t even finish folding my laundry in that amount of time. My daughter doesn’t even come close to finishing her argument on why she doesn’t need to eat her vegetables in under two minutes. Eighty seconds isn’t a drop in the bucket compared to how long I chat my mom’s ear off on the phone.

Did you know that heart disease is the number 1 killer of women?

Number ONE. The big numero uno. Did you know this? I did not. I hear about so many other health issues that I have to be careful and mindful of but my heart is not necessarily one I check on. Sure, I check my blood pressure every time I’m at the doctor and I know the importance of teaching myself coping mechanisms to be able to disconnect and relax but other than that, how do I care for my heart? How do I know when something is wrong? At that point is it too late?

Did you know that one in three women will be affected by cardiovascular disease?

ONE in THREE. Does that not make you look at your three closest friends and worry that one of them might have to struggle with this issue? At that point it gets personal. Super personal. It’s time we move forward on this. Not only do I want to be educated but I need my three besties to be prepared as well. I can’t imagine my life without them!

Did you know most cardiovascular diseases can be prevented?

80% can be PREVENTED. This Go Red Commitment is real. It’s time we encourage the gals around us to act against both heart disease and stroke. As women we spend most of our time worrying about and taking care of others. What I’m learning as I get older is that I can better take care of those around me when I take care of myself. We need to consistently check on our bodies, eat healthier more consistently, know our numbers, and be informed of the risks ahead.

2018 is still pretty new to all of us. You can still start this year off right. How will you commit to heart health this year? Visit Goredforwomen.org to support the research that is saving women’s lives every day. It’s time we get educated on this matter and put our words in to action against heart disease because after all, as Beyonce would proudly say…

Who run the world?