Mainstay Farm Family

Both babies (even the little guy) enjoyed the Mainstay Farm!


To me, nothing screams (despite the hot temperatures) “Fall” more than a visit to Mainstay Farm.

We visited their first opening weekend for the season but don’t you worry, you can still catch their Family Pumpkin Days every Saturday/Sunday until October 29th.

Bitty was thrilled to drive out to the farm. We walked in and she immediately gave us a list of everything she wanted to do:

Ride the farm train.

Climb in the hay.

Jump on the big pillow.

‘Fly’ on the zipline.

Sit in the big chair.

Play in the sand.

Eat a cheeseburger.

Feed the goats.

This was her full list and we completed ALL of it. We brought some of our closest friends with us and as we were distracted and talking, Bitty walked herself through the pumpkin patch. I kid you not, she grabbed a small pumpkin, decided she couldn’t live without it, and put it on hold. Her confidence astounds me.

We flew through all of Bittys’ activities, ate some lunch (those cheeseburgers are no joke-so good), and made it over to the area that made the trip worth it for my husband: the Apple Blaster. Let me tell you, there is nothing better than BLASTIN an apple towards a car and watching it explode against the side. My husband’s face was priceless. After a while Bitty got used to the noise and began to load the Apple Blaster for him!

The weekend we visited Mainstay, the new Texas Tubin’ Hill was still in the works but this new activity is currently open and looks like so much fun! You climb to the top of the hill, plop yourself in an inner tube, and slide the entire way down. Sledding, Texas-style! Marianna, the owner, told us on the way in that this new Tubin’ Hill is one of the only agri-tainment attractions of its kind!

Bring your girlfriends, boyfriends, family, children, and babies by the farm. You will leave feeling like Fall is finally here (and if you bring a confident toddler, you might also leave with a stack of pumpkins that were put on hold…oy).

You can buy tickets at the gate or online. The ‘Big Time Fun Pass’ gives you full access and is totally worth it:

Gate Price: $18.95

Onine Price: $16.95


Happy Fall y’all!

Mainstay Farm Apple Blaster

The Apple Blaster was a huge hit with my crew!

Mainstay Farm

These are the two pumpkins that Bitty, herself, put on hold at the farm.

Mainstay Farm Apple Blaster

After a long week, my hubs was pretty excited to blast apples straight at that car.

Mainstay Farm Sign

You could truly make an entire day of activities at Mainstay Farm!

Mainstay Farm Burger

I’m a sucker for simple, fresh, yummy food.

Mainstay Farm friends

We brought some of our best friends along! Even without kiddos, they had a blast!

Texas Tubin' Hill

The Texas Tubin’ Hill is the newest add to this agritainment Farm. You get to sit in an inner tube and ride the whole way down this hill!

Mainstay Farm swing

Bitty loved the swings at the Farm!

Mainstay Farm Sandbox

Even Dads like the trucks in the huge sandbox!