Dr. Heather Rodriguez

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Co-Owner/Family Wellness Chiropractor

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(817) 708-2800


Dr. Heather Rodriguez, born and raised in North Carolina, was in the midst of changing her school career when she came across a Chiropractic office that was hiring. She applied and went on to serve 1 year at Smith Family Chiropractic of Tallahassee, FL as a Chiropractic Assistant. Seeing many healing miracles take place in that office led her to make the cross country journey to Parker University in Dallas, TX to become a Chiropractor.

The Drs. Rodriguez met in chiropractic school and realized they shared the same love & dream. Marriage soon followed, and they have now partnered together to serve Fort Worth and surrounding communities as a family. They are excited to serve alongside of many others as an integral part of Fort Worth’s “Healthiest City Initiative” and “Blue Zone Project.”

Drs. Tanner and Heather had a dream of serving alongside each other and are trained in the latest and most innovative chiropractic techniques & technology and are well versed across the health spectrum. Dr. Heather Rodriguez has a focus on creating healthy families through corrective chiropractic care and together with her husband, they are on a mission to help as many people as they can-especially children.

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R Family Chiropractic

6300 Ridglea Place
Suite 128
Fort Worth, TX 76116

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