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At a time in her life when Deryk felt lost, she began to find herself in the flowers and plants in her own backyard greenhouse. Planting and arranging became her own kind of meditation. Deryk states, “I get to ground myself with not only art, but another living being that responds to my emotions and environment. Plants taught me so much about communication and connection and I knew this was something I had to share with others.

Quickly her meditative hobby became popular amongst her friends and family, as well as complete strangers who would find her beautiful work on Instagram. After she received a call from Righteous Foods, a local Fort Worth restaurant, who wanted her to design a large installment that would spread throughout the building, Deryk new her work was something she could make big.

This was her time to jump in with both feet and that is where The Greenhouse817 was begun-a sprawling 4,500 square foot warehouse filled with beautiful botanicals, modern containers, and thoughtfully executed arrangements. You can find her original location on Bryan Avenue off of Berry but she will soon be opening her new retail-only space at the 4eleven off Main!

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The Greenhouse817

3144 Bryan Avenue
Fort Worth, TX 76110

411 South Main Street
Fort Worth, TX 76104

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