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Community Flourish (CF) is a consultancy that partners with design oriented professionals, thinkers and innovators within the healthcare and education industry to redefine the functional space where healthcare exchanges occur. CF elevates how healthcare and healthcare education is done by designing the physical space that matches the rigor of the science of healing and delivers the gold standard physical environment. CF creates an environment where every human in healthcare is the priority. 

To create a sustainable and profitable healthcare space, you need a great environment that attracts the best healthcare providers and empowers them to do their best work—resulting in good reviews, efficient turnaround, and increasing profits. Studies show that the physical design of healthcare spaces “strongly influences” provider and patient stress, but how often are healthcare environments designed to make the experience positive, safe, joyful, or even healing? And without designated space to rest, recover, or seek shelter, healthcare professionals are leaving their profession by the hundreds—leaving behind crowded rooms, frustrated patients, and diminishing profits.

I’m here to help. I’m Danika Franks, M.D., a physician and medical educator of 20 years, and founder of Community Flourish. Our team partners with architects and administrators to create functional, attractive medical environments that provide space for caregivers to process, peaceful environments for sick patients, and access to healing resources for the community. Together we can overhaul the status quo and create healthcare spaces that empower providers, heal patients, boost your profits, and build your reputation for excellent healthcare design.


  • Decades of experience in healthcare environments

  • Data-driven insights to improve physical health and safety

  • Consultative approach for healthcare partners

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