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Meyer & Sage began as personal chef service in 2009, (formerly named Linguine & Dirty Martinis), which evolved into a meal delivery service and we also have a brick & mortar grab & go shop. Our focus on high-quality ingredients and making all items from scratch is what continues to set us apart- we don’t take shortcuts on food ingredient integrity or our cooking process. All of our vinaigrettes are made with high quality avocado and olive oils, we make our aioli from scratch, we use organic & pastured eggs and chicken, wild-caught seafood, organic produce whenever possible and so much more. We also deliver our meals in glass pyrex dishes or sustainable and earth-friendly compostable containers.

Our chefs and retail employees are all wonderful and talented individuals and we are so lucky to have them representing our brand. The past year, my husband and I have also expanded our own family when we welcomed our son last March I’ve been making his meals since 5 months old and continue to do so. I’m also currently working on a personal branded project- coming soon! a daily lifestyle blog focusing on wellness, life with a toddler, baby-led weaning and personal recipes for all occasions. You can also follow my instagram handle, @calliesalls, for a sneak peek of personal recipes as well as wellness tips.

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Meyer & Sage

2621 Whitmore Street
Fort Worth TX, 76107

Fort Worth Woman

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