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I serve as the Administrator for ameriCARE Texas serving Fort Worth. My family and I brought ameriCARE to Texas in April of 2020 with a mission to provide transparent, high quality, reliable care to our community.

ameriCARE Texas currently serves Fort Worth & surrounding counties as well as Weatherford and surrounding counties. Robert Ybarra and his wife Christina own & operate our Weatherford location. We live in the communities we serve which allows us to provide a truly remarkable experience to our clients. Home Care serves a very special role in the healthcare continuum, which is currently not fully recognized.

Imagine you are a patient at a local hospital receiving acute care. You have a dedicate nurse team check on you at all hours of the day. Let’s say you’re released to a post-acute setting such as a rehab facility; again, you have a dedicated nurse team serving y our care needs through the day. That team is checking vitals, helping you to restroom, maybe providing you medication, serving you meals, etc. Now, its time to discharge and go home. You and your family are now responsible for your care. There is no longer a team of nurses available to help you recover, assist in your ambulation (if you need it), help you to the restroom, serve your meals, etc. Although you may have been ready for discharge, you may not be fully recovered. This is the gap in healthcare continuum where home care provides a vital role in the transition for patients and their families.

Rehospitalization rates are much lower when home care is provided to ease that transition in recovery & and ensure safety.

What I love about home care, is that it can mean so many different things. Every family is unqiue and every clients needs are different. I had the opportunity to take a client of ours to her grandsons wedding. We spent the entire day and night together from hitting up the beauty shop for hair and makeup to our little road trip to Dallas for pre-wedding festivities. As her plus one, I transported her wheelchair and oxygen tank, made sure she had the best seat to watch pre-wedding photos, and enjoyed a beautiful reception with her family and friends. Home care allowed her to see and experience every detail of that day. Home care allowed her family to know that they could focus on what they had to do that day, and not worry about grandma.

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ameriCARE Texas

2100 N. Main Street
Suite 226
Fort Worth, Texas 76164

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