Arletta Grant

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Candle Production Manager

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(682) 233-4283


Arletta Grant is the Candle Production Manager for The Worthy Co. Her position is symbolic of her hard work and journey. Arletta both organizes the creation of and hand-pours each candle The Worthy Co currently has in production.

The Worthy Co is a social enterprise and local company fighting to put an end to human trafficking in Tarrant County. Founded in April 2018 by a non-profit based in Fort Worth called The Net, Worthy Co. now sells handmade soy wax candles, necklaces, t-shirts, and mugs with 100% of every purchase benefitting local trafficking, prostitution, and addiction survivors. Every purchase helps more women come off the street and into recovery.

Arletta began her journey by joining The Rise Program, a Fort Worth/Tarrant County Prostitution Diversion Program while serving a jail sentence. As she completed the program she was accompanied in her rehabilitation by her advocate from The Net. Upon graduation and exit from prison, Arletta stayed involved with The NET by sharing her experience at their events, helping others understand her journey at their trainings, and creating positive change for other women by her presence at recreational/social events for other local women affected by sex trafficking. Her involvement, courage, tenacity, and bravery have helped her earn this leadership position in the company.

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The Worthy Co.

2640 E. Lancaster Avenue
Fort Worth, TX 76103

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