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Founded in 2010, Arise Africa is a 501C3 Christian ministry that works with orphaned and vulnerable children in Zambia. Arise has a mission of showing the love of Jesus and enabling children to have access to education and the basic means of life that God desires for all mankind. The children in their programs live on less than a dollar a day and therefore live in extreme poverty. Many have been impacted by the HIV/AIDS virus and their parents are deceased and/or they are infected themselves. They are malnourished, not loved, not cared for, not educated, and left to be forgotten.

Arise has a child sponsorship program with over 500 children enrolled who receive medical care, hot meals, education, and discipleship daily. Arise Africa also has two homes, or orphanages, where children live in their full-time custody. There also is a college scholarship program where the ministry sends African students to colleges throughout the world. Arise also provides jobs to over thirty Africans.

Their United States home office is in Fort Worth in the Fairmount Historic Neighborhood area. Arise Africa is looking for Americans to get involved by either sponsoring a child, going on a mission trip, attending fundraisers, collecting donations, or volunteering in other ways in the USA.

The ministry strongly believes in allowing African staff to lead the vision of the ministry. The Arise Africa ministry also partnerships with multiple churches throughout America and works closely with three-time Cy Young winner and Los Angeles pitcher Clayton Kershaw and his wife Ellen.

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