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Alissa Rosebrough graduated from Texas A&M University. She worked as a professional photographer for the NBA and a large industrial construction company in America. Through her photography she began to work for the United Nations and other governmental and aid organizations in Africa.In 2010 Alissa felt led to start her own ministry with her friend, John. Arise Africa was then founded and Alissa has served as Executive Director ever since.

Arise Africa is a ministry based in Zambia that works with orphaned and vulnerable children. They work with over 1,000 children and have two orphanages where children are in the ministry’s full time custody. Arise Africa educates, feeds, gives access to health care, disciples, and offers other services to children who are living on less than a dollar a day in extreme poverty. They offer mission trips to American families throughout the year and the ministry employs over thirty Africans. On average, Arise Africa brings over $1.5 million dollars in donations annually.

Arise Africa has recently renovated a building in the Fairmount Historic Neighborhood for their American headquarters. Alissa and her husband Asher, live nearby the office, along with their baby, Annie. The Rosebroughs are also involved with Alliance for Children in Fort Worth.

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Arise Africa

1628 Fairmount Avenue
Fort Worth, TX 76104

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