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Artist – Designer – CEO

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(214) 493-9557


AlanaKay is a resin artist, designer, and color evangelist seeking to empower women through color. With a background in cosmetology, a degree in fashion merchandising, and a love for all things bright and bold, AlanaKay has always been drawn to the art world, but her Fort Worth based business is only in its second year. In that time she has painted two large commercial installations totaling 27 paintings, another 26 commissions, designed scarves, leggings, earrings and cocktail glasses, raised many THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS for local charities, and launched a blog to help educate people about the benefits of adding color into their homes and wardrobes.

Her best days are spent in the studio creating the perfect piece for a client’s blank wall. She wanted to find a way to brighten people’s everyday life with quality art pieces, which led to the products inspired by her artwork. AlanaKay believes this world has gotten lost in a sea of neutral, while color inspires emotion, ignites dreams, and brings joy. Her designs speak this belief at the intersection of rebellious and refined.

Best of Fort Worth - Best Artist

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Alana Kay Art

6713 Woodstock Rd
Fort Worth, Tx 76116

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