A Fort Worth Love Letter

Amon Carter

Enjoying the Amon Carter lawn view

Dear Fort Worth,

You truly have my heart. Having moved here to attend college from San Antonio I never once knew how much I would grow to love you. In the past twelve years you have taken on a such a huge transformation while still maintaining you values, grit, and overall kindness.

I want to thank you for so many different things but here are the few that are specifically on my heart:

1. Thank you for your welcoming attitude. I remember calling my mom in 2009 from the grocery store:

“Mom. I’m fine. School is great. BUT. I’m here at the grocery store. EVERYONE is saying hello and smiling at me. I think everyone is just being nice but there’s also that stranger danger thing…I can say hi, right?!”

She just laughed at me. And now, over a decade later, I love going to the grocery store because there is at least one stranger who will make eye contact, say hi, and remind me of how welcoming the people here are. Oh, and you better believe if we meet at the grocery store, I’m a hugger. Even to strangers. BECAUSE IT’S JUST THE FORT WORTH WAY.

2. Thank you for being beautiful. You are not the most stand-out city in regards to skyline but holy moly are you hot-to-trot in the details. The architecture of our buildings (shout out Bass Hall) and historic details in our neighborhoods stand out.

3. Thank you for being such an incredible place for my kids to grow up. Between the traditions (Stock Show, Arts Goggle, Christmas Tree Lightings, etc), free museums, zoo (seriously, love that place), schools that have been around for generations of families, and volunteer opportunities, my family constantly has a way to connect.

4. Thank you for housing the GREATEST HUMANS ON THE PLANET. Truly, there are some of the most incredible, kind, and giving people that live in our city. Every time I go to coffee with someone knew who wants to work together on Fort Worth Woman, I walk away astonished that, once again, Fort Worth has blown me away with the heart of it’s people.

You’re awesome. And even twelve years later I’m still TOTALLY crushing on you.


The Greenhouse 817

Visiting The Greenhouse 817 at Arts Goggle

Two TCU graduates about to get married in 2009

Fort Worth Zoo

Private Party at our beautiful Fort Worth Zoo

Cannon Chinese Kitchen

Princess Dinner at Cannon Chinese Kitchen

Brewed Mural

Love the Fort. Worth the Love.

Magnolia Avenue Piano

Piano along Magnolia Avenue

Sundance Square

Delicious brunch at Del Friscos Grille overlooking Sundance Square

Stock Show

Flag Salute at the Stock Show and Rodeo


2019 Fort Worth Magazines Best Blogger Influencer Winner banner for Michelle Miles of Fort Worth Woman


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