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Jenna Lee

Owner of Winton and Waits

Our style should also reflect our stories – from what we wear, to how we decorate our homes, how we entertain, and how we give gifts. How we choose to create beauty, to impact, to invest, to love and to partner with those who are providing hope makes our personal stories mean something.

Meet April’s Fort Worth Woman!

Jenna Lee is originally from Houston but is also a fellow Horned Frog who graduated with a Fashion Merchandising/Business Degree. She has two children, loves to travel, pursues a deep respect for recognizing the beauty in other cultures, and has an instilled “can do” spirit.

She is the mind, but more importantly, the heart behind Winton and Waits. Jenna believes that we all have a story and that our stories are what shape who we are and connect us with those around us. “Our style should also reflect our stories – from what we wear, to how we decorate our homes, how we entertain, and how we give gifts. How we choose to create beauty, to impact, to invest, to love and to partner with those who are providing hope makes our personal stories mean something.” She believes in finding beauty amongst the broken and over the past few years, her beliefs have quickly snowballed into reality.

Jenna first traveled to Ethiopia with the Adera Foundation and was touched by not only the women and families they serve but how they serve them. One of their work programs allows the Ethiopian women to make beautiful beaded jewelry out of recycled TCU football programs and Kimbell Art paper. These jewelry pieces are then sold in the United States, with the money earned going straight back to these women creators who use it to support their families. Jenna then met our local group, The Net, and helped them begin one of their successful programs that allow for women who have been exploited in our local sex industry to create products (bath salts, soaps, candles, etc.) that are then sold here in Fort Worth. This opportunity allows for these women to begin their employment history, gain some income for their hard work, as well as build a community where some of them feel safe for the first time. As time continued to move forward, life hit Jenna hard and using these two experiences she had witnessed, she began her own vulnerable journey. When her world fell apart, she lived on Winton Terrace. When she began to experience the beauty and purpose of her heartache, she lived on Waits. This is where the idea of Winton and Waits was born. A story of finding true beauty in the brokenness.

Through close friends who had purchased the 4 Eleven on Main, Jenna was presented with the opportunity to make her dream a reality. She was able to partner in the 4 Eleven and create her own store-a platform where she brought the brave stories she had witnessed, the products that came with them and created a chance for Fort Worth to have a connection with these beautiful causes.

Fast forward to today. Every beautiful product in her store is connected with a beautiful story and gives back to carefully chosen causes. Some product “gives back through empowerment efforts, some through providing programs, and some through financial support”. She essentially created her own lifestyle brand to show the beauty she has found both locally and around the world. “Winton and Waits is a new retail experience in Fort Worth providing products that are intentionally designed and sold to create an impact. With this uniquely curated mix of “story-forward” products – the consumer can not only feel connected to their purchase but also to the cause that their purchase supports.” In January, she launched a wholesale line for the products they design/make and are offering a select group of mission-minded products to other retailers around the country!

Jenna’s word for her impact on our city is collaborative as she loves to support other businesses, non-profits, and individuals to create an exponential impact. She also spends her time involved on campus at TCU via mentoring and speaking engagements for both the business and fashion departments. Her favorite thing about Fort Worth is that is it out of the box. “Being a business owner in Fort Worth, I get to experience the genuine support of our city through customers that go out of their way to make sure we know they are FOR us.” She feels that collaboration is the new competition here in Cowtown and that movement has been her driving force to continue forward since opening her store this past November.

Clothes, shoes, jewelry, and gifts are only a few of the beautiful items available at Winton and Waits. And yes, when you stop by, you can indeed purchase the jewelry made from recycled TCU Programs as well as the gorgeous bath items created by the women served through The Net. We finally have a way in our city to purchase with a purpose! Jenna, your heart is beautiful. Thank you for who you are and for allowing each of us to make an impact with every visit to your value-centered store!

Stop by and become an impact maker by visiting:
Winton and Waits
411 South Main, Suite 121
Fort Worth, Texas 76104

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