Fort Worth women are making headlines daily as business owners, entrepreneurs, top management officers, and political leaders. So, here at Fort Worth Woman, we are selecting one of our city’s shining stars each month. These are the movers and shakers you need to know, and we are proud to honor their accomplishments as our WOMEN OF THE MONTH.

Sara Hall

The Dailey Method

I consider myself so lucky to be a tiny little part of bringing a new and unique perspective to the fitness landscape of Fort Worth through The Dailey Method.

Meet June’s Fort Worth Woman!

Sara Hall is both a Horned Frog Alum and local mom who is a right-brain girl with left-brain leanings. By day she’s an analyst for a major retailer but her passion is being an instructor for The Dailey Method.

Her fixation began when she found her own workouts and even workouts with other trainers to be less than fulfilling. Shortly after finding and falling in love with The Dailey Method workout in Seattle, Sara’s life began to move in fast forward. She and her husband moved back home to Fort Worth, renovated a mid-century house in Tanglewood from top to bottom, had a sweet baby girl named Sloane, and jumped feet first into entrepreneurship.

Her dream is now focused on opening her own studio where she can bring The Dailey Method physical and mental challenge to Fort Worth. The Dailey Method is a low-impact, alignment-based barre and cycle workout that is intended to bring balance to both your body and your soul. Not only does this workout combine the best of both Cycle and Barre, often in the same 50-minute class, they also provide childcare for busy moms on the go. Sara states, “TDM encourages you to say ‘yes’ to the physical challenge and, in a broader sense, to all of life’s challenges.” While opening a business is, at times, full of “mom guilt”, Sara is honest with her feelings and knows that she is proud to show her one-year-old daughter what it means to lean in to her dreams. This mama is walking the walk instead of just talking about her dreams.

What Sara loves about Fort Worth is that she feels our city is starting to take the “road less traveled”. She feels that as our city grows it is “rapidly embracing a unique voice and perspective that steps outside of the stereotypes” of the past. “I consider myself so lucky to be a tiny little part of bringing a new and unique perspective to the fitness landscape of Fort Worth through The Dailey Method.”

Sara’s word for her impact as a businesswoman on this city is ‘forward”. Sara feels that “we all have a choice to move backward, to take the easier route, or even to bail when things get hard. I live by moving forward every day. Every day, every action, every choice, every moment is an opportunity to move forward – to learn from what you may have done wrong yesterday, not to judge yourself, and to do something different.”

Four years, one baby, endless negotiations, numerous triumphs, unquantifiable challenges, and a whole lot of love later, Sara is thrilled to bring her love for The Dailey Method back to Horned Frog nation. Starting this Friday, June 8, you’ll find Sara in the studio “dailey”, hoping and helping others make their life dreams come true. To contact The Dailey Method, e-mail

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