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Harmony Schuerman

owner of the Fort Worth Area Law Offices of Harmony M. Schuerman

My practice represents a vast array of our community. All of my clients are human beings first and foremost, and everyone is given the same respect and care, regardless of their personal circumstances. This is simply the right thing to do.

Meet October’s Fort Worth Woman!

Harmony Schuerman is the proud owner of the Fort Worth Area Law Offices of Harmony M. Schuerman. She has built her Criminal Defense Law Firm from the ground up and helps real people from our community in their toughest times. On top of the good she provides, Harmony is also a devoted mother of two. Her daughter, Emily, is currently a Junior at the University of Texas at Austin, majoring in government with plans to follow in her mom’s footsteps by attending Law School. Her son, Jonathon, is a senior at Paschal High School and plans to attend college in Austin in 2020. “My kids are truly the light of my life,” Harmony gushes. And we can’t forget her two rescue fur babies – Waylon, a Great Pyrenees, and Lucy, a terrier.

Born on the Eastside of Fort Worth, Harmony graduated from Eastern Hills High School and went on to earn her degree from Texas Wesleyan University. Growing up, Harmony loved learning about the judicial system from her grandfather, a former Tarrant County Judge and Texas State Legislator. She describes her grandfather as a huge influence on her life and states that what she learned from him was what eventually led her to become interested in both law and politics. After having her two children, she decided to return to school and later received a Law Degree from then Texas Wesleyan School of Law (now Texas A&M Law) in 2007. Then in May of 2008, Harmony opened her own law practice and began her career as a solo practitioner focusing on the defense of individuals accused of criminal activity. “With two offices, one in Fort Worth on Magnolia Avenue and one in Weatherford, my work-life is busy,” Harmony explains, “but I feel very fortunate to be able to do what I love to do every day and I don’t take that privilege for granted.”

In her own words, Harmony shows her passion for those she serves, “How do I feel about being a Criminal Defense Attorney and defending those that are often deemed ‘the bad guys’? We ALL have a right to be considered innocent until proven guilty. The United States Constitution is the cornerstone of a free state and country, which holds the concept of individual liberty as paramount over any intrusion by government. Accordingly, the individual liberty of any person may not be taken without adhering to these constitutional principles, which we basically reference as due process of law. Therefore my job as a criminal defense attorney is not to defend the “guilty” but, to assure due process of law for ALL of my clients, regardless of their circumstance or station in life. The daily task of the criminal defense lawyer is service to the constitution and I embrace this duty totally and unequivocally.”

Harmony believes to first and foremost to do the right thing and work hard. Because of her dedication to work starting at an early age, she is “acutely aware and sensitive to the daily challenges” that her clients face. To much surprise, even a ‘living wage’ these days is oftentimes not enough to cover the cost of a person’s right to a good legal defense. Whether her clients are retained or court-appointed, Harmony does not believe that money should stop a person from proper representation, despite wrong choices that have been made. “My practice represents a vast array of our community. All of my clients are human beings first and foremost, and everyone is given the same respect and care, regardless of their personal circumstances. This is simply the right thing to do.”

What Harmony loves about our city is the diversity within Fort Worth, while still being an amazing place to live, work and raise kids. “From my birthplace in the Polytechnic Heights neighborhood, Arlington Heights, to far west Fort Worth, to Fairmount, I have lived in some of the most diverse parts of our city,” Harmony says, “Each area has its own unique eccentricities and can be considered small towns within the larger city of Fort Worth.” And after living and working in Fairmount, it is by far her favorite because of the sense of community; truly a small town within Fort Worth.

Harmony’s word for her impact as a businesswoman on our city is ‘Justice’. As criminal defense attorneys are often painted in a bad light, Harmony, especially as a female attorney, works hard to ensure that everyone’s rights are protected regardless of their stage in life. “My firm is the only criminal defense firm in Fort Worth that is ran by two female attorneys and staffed completely by women,” Harmony says. In 11 years of practice, Harmony has built a strong network of contacts and lasting relationships with the people and families she has represented. Her colleagues respect and endorse her as a “smart, honest, hardworking attorney. Harmony will always put her clients first, and do what is best for them.” Her clients rave about her as a woman “you want in your corner”. She beautifully models the Fort Worth spirit of grace and grit in her everyday life.

Outside of her family, Harmony’s pride is the work she gets to do to honor her grandfather and support her community. Harmony, thank you for who you are and what you do to give back to your hometown! If you are interested in getting in contact with this female-run, female-backed firm, Harmony and her team can be reached via phone at 817-406-8665, or via the HMS Law website at

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