Welcome to the new FortWorthWoman.com!!

Fort Worth Woman launched in 2015 as only an Instagram page, later expanded to Facebook, and has since become the go to resource for local women, particularly moms.

The social media coverage features local events, non-profits, restaurants, entertainment, new businesses, and most recently, women in business who make our city stand out. There is huge entrepreneurial movement happening in Cowtown which is why each month a local woman is nominated and featured as the ‘Fort Worth Woman’, highlighting how she makes a personal impact on Fort Worth.

Our city is different and special. We’re here to show you why! We have now met out goal of having our website for Fort Worth Woman launched by the end of the first quarter of 2017 and are ready to provide a Business Directory, networking resources, event news, and more in the coming months.

Thanks to everyone in this city who have followed us, supported us, and helped us get to this point. Let us know what you think and what parts of this city are special to you.  There is much more to come and this will be a great addition and support to our social media pages.

Michelle Miles
Fort Worth Woman